Fragments Of Void: Community Spirit


Mrs McGarritty is preparing for the village fete. I can hear her from my study, whistling as she pins up the same blue bunting we use every year. Soon she will pay me a visit to request that I cut the grass outside the hall in plenty of time.

I don’t begrudge anyone the little things that fill their lives with meaning, but I’m not fond of being dragged into celebrating them either. “Smile dear,” I’ll get, “this is our chance to show the world how our community shines!” By ‘the world’ she means a handful of guests from the neighbouring villages and, if we’re lucky, the mayor with a photographer from The Gazette.

What she doesn’t understand is that what shines also creates shadow. I first saw it when I was 7 years old. I had advance knowledge that the Larson’s border collie would not live until the end of summer, and I tried with best intentions to warn them of this fact. No one believed me, and when the poor thing drowned in the lake, I was the one who got the blame. How could I know it was going to happen if I wasn’t the one who planned it? 

“God doesn’t reward liars.” Mum said.

“God is dead,” I had replied, “physics is all that we are.”

That got me a clip round the ear and a night in the coal shed. Then, when I successfully predicted the collapse of the Duckworth’s farming business due to an arson attack, I was labelled both a criminal and a devil. I never saw Mum again; I think she left due to the stress of it all, and Dad barely spoke to me until the day he died. No one else liked me either. I was on the wrong side of the knowable. I would never be trusted and never be given a chance. But I was only trying to help them to see.

The shadow became my only friend, so I let it in more completely and stopped bothering to warn anyone of their forthcoming misfortunes. It was their loss.

I have come to know that what I do is called ‘dowsing the shade’. The shade being a sort of intuitive realm of possibilities, made up of all the things that are not happening right now; things that may happen in the future, or unprovable things may have happened in the past (distant or near). If you listen very carefully, and in the right way, you can come to see the science behind it; the probabilities.

We’re not supposed to be able to detect these things I don’t think, at least most people are unable to. But I can. I’ve been meticulous in learning the subtleties of its ways, and over the years have drawn up a map of probabilities which covers every wall in my house except the bedroom, because that’s where I rest.

Unfortunately my map shows very clearly that this year’s village fete being a success, and Mrs McGarritty even surviving the occasion, is highly improbable. But since I can’t tell her that, I suppose I’ll just have to go and cut that damn grass. Oh well, at least it’ll be the last time.


Fragments of Void is an illusrated, hand-bound zine compiling short bursts of creative writing about nihilism and dark spirituality.

9 thoughts on “Fragments Of Void: Community Spirit

  1. Either you’re getting better and better or I’m getting more firmly into the groove of your style, because every single piece you’ve posted recently, I’ve found more mind-blowing than the last. “Physics is all that we are”…they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so here it is: I’m going to utilize that phrase whenever appropriate from here on out. Is the handbound ‘zine to which you refer something that’s available? I’m a sucker for physical, tangible copies of the writing I enjoy.

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    1. Thank you as ever for the encouragement, I’m flattered that you think so highly of my little fictions 😊

      Fragments of Dark, Fragments of Light and Shreds are all tangible zines, though I need to get another print run done. Fragments of Void will follow as soon as I have it all written. If you like I can let you know when they are ready? I’d be happy to send a copy of each out to you.

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    1. Fragments of Dark and Fragments of Light are complete and available but I need to organise another print run. Fragments of Void is still being written. All of the flash fiction included in them is also on this blog – you should be able to find older pieces from my homepage under ‘creative writing’ on the menu. I’ll put up a notice on here as soon as I have the physical copies ready again too. Thank you for your interest 😊

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  2. Both zines are collections of very short stories, all of which are on the blog. I’ve just printed them as booklets at home so far to take to art fairs etc, so they’re only for sale privately.


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