This has been harder on you than it has on me. I take you to see your body lying in the tomb each night, because it seems to have a calming effect on you; like you’re complete again. Who knows, maybe there’s something still left attached that you need to extract before you can move on. I want to see you happy again, baby. I want to see those tears stop, to see you becoming your transparency, for us to roam wild together as we planned. The world is ours now, if only you could believe it. We don’t have long here, I’m…


Did we really come this far only to tie ourselves to our bodies from beyond them; to turn our souls inside out? Didn’t we come to find peace in indifference and abandonment of desire? 


It’s within our reach now, if only you could let go of your once golden hair, and your unfashionable cheekbones, and your spine made from a persistent belief in permanence. Those things do not bind you anymore. Let’s clothe ourselves instead in the formless rays of amber and rose: can’t you feel them nuzzling against you, vibrant and omnipresent?


They are the waves of truth, I know it. They move without intent, but are the essence of indescribable wisdom. They are everything at once, but they know nothing of the chaos they create in men’s minds. When you let them take you, you’ll look back at life from a new perspective and see that we were nothing but prisms all along. Our thoughts were just refracted waves on their way to becoming atoms… 


Come on baby, it’s time to go…

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