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If you would like to contribute to the Orchid’s Lantern blog, we accept submissions in the following areas:

Reviews – we are mainly interested in book reviews, but will consider covering music, art, podcasts and events. We specifically want to showcase creative items that are thought-provoking in nature, particularly those that are not getting mainstream coverage. For books, this can include both fiction and non-fiction, literary and genre. Things with philosophy, psychology, mysticism, occult and science angles are our mainstays.

All our reviews are in-depth, with a minimum of 400 and an average of 700 words. We like reviews that not only say what you liked/disliked about the book, but also how it affected your perception or way of thinking. Comparisons to other works, discussion of the wider implications of issues raised, and technical points to note are also welcome.

We no longer give books a star-rating at Orchid’s Lantern because we want your words to do the talking.

We don’t accept free copies of anything in exchange for review, because we want to ensure bias-free content; and we don’t provide reviewers with their copies. That said, if you have something you would like to appear on the site, you may drop us suggestions by e-mail. If you do this we will gladly take a look and blog about it if it fits, but please be aware we may have a lengthy queue and will not respond to impatient follow-up e-mails.

Interviews – if you are the creator of something that fits the criteria for review above, or have already been reviewed on our site, we would be interested in interviewing you. All interviews are in a written conversational format, and questions will be tailored to the creator. If you would like to be interviewed, or to interview someone on our behalf, please pitch it to us on an e-mail.

Articles – we love to publish articles on the following topics: philosophy, psychology, sociology, dreaming, consciousness, spirituality, mysticism, occult, mythology, neuroscience, quantum physics and technology that impacts our ontology. We are looking for informative, thoughtful or personal takes on the way the subject you have chosen affects the way people think and live. We don’t have word count guidelines for articles, but if you are writing specifically for us we would suggest getting in touch first to make sure it fits.

Flash Fiction/Poetry –  we love weird, thought-provoking, high impact flash fiction and poetry. Similar themes to our reviews and articles are what we’re most interested in publishing here. There’s no minimum word count, but we tend to cap it at around 1,000 because that’s what our blog followers seem to prefer. Keep your longer stories aside for when we next open for anthology submissions!

We are not able to pay contributors to the blog at this time, but we will gladly include a brief author bio and links to your products or websites in the footer of your post. We don’t ask for exclusivity on anything, so you are always welcome to publish what you write on other sites too.

Please mark any e-mails clearly with Blog in the subject, and attach your submission. We will respond more favorably to those who talk to us. In other words, introduce yourself and your subject in your e-mail!

It’s helpful if you have an image or two to go with your article (that belong to you or are not copyrighted, of course), but we can source some if you are unable to.

If you have an idea of something you’d like to write, but don’t know if it fits, just ask. 

We regret that we can’t accept all submissions for the blog, but we will always reply.

The Press

Submissions to the press are currently closed while we compile our first anthology. We expect to re-open mid 2020. 

For reference, we love:

– Novels
– Novellas
– Prose
– Poems
– Short Story Collections
– Experimental works
– Philosophical Speculative Fiction
– Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction
– Weird Speculative Fiction
– Occult and Mystical Fiction

We are not a vanity press, and as such we will never ask for money from our authors up front. Full submission guidelines will be published when we re-open.

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